COMsolve specializes in professional services for Wireline/Wireless carriers, service providers and vendors. Carriers face the challenge of specific and urgent projects, which require in-depth knowledge as well as additional engineers and IT professionals for timely design and implementation. Furthermore, the industry is challenged by dynamic regulations, so the need to adapt product specifications to the Canadian Wireline/Wireless marketplace is more urgent than ever before.


  • May.15, 2011

    COMsolve is pleased to announce that it has received an order to upgrade the infrastructure of a major wireless carrier in Canada. The Tier 1 carrier

  • Apr.8, 2011

    COMsolve has secured an order to provide installation services to a major Canadian wireless carrier. The services include dismantling existing

  • Apr.5, 2011

    COMsolve has received a large order to provide installation and commissioning services to one of the new-entrants in the Canadian wireless sector.



The development and the implementation of the “E911 Management System” put COMsolve at the forefront of the emergency services for Canadian Carriers.
The planning and testing of International SMS interoperability with over 700 international carriers for the new Canadian Wireless Carrier, exemplifies the depth and breadth of COMsolve capabilities.